Lost in the Ferns

Today was a perfect day for a photographic journey in the Florida wilderness. We headed out to Jonathon Dickinson State Park in Jupiter, Florida with our dogs Audrey and Cleopatra just before golden hour and the scenery was stunning! 

The dogs had a blast playing in the swamp and grasses while we worked on our photos.

The Saw Palmetto ferns made a great backdrop for some beautiful portraits.

Of course the dogs kept stealing the show, looking like a bunch of lion cubs in the African safari :)

At an overlook above a river we were able to capture some really cool shots as a reflection in the water.

And as the sun was inching towards the horizon we were able to get some beautiful shots in the fields of ferns and grass.

Playing in the Dunes

Yesterday, on our way to the dog beach, we noticed these beautiful sand dunes with incredible desert foliage. Aurora just happened to have the perfect dress to match the backdrop so today we grabbed our cameras and headed back there at golden hour to capture some shots.

We also took the opportunity to grab some behind the scenes live footage with Facebook Live:

The Engagement Project

Introducing The Engagement Project!

Why do we get engaged?
Do we always get down on one knee?
Why do we buy diamonds?
How do they do it in the rest of the world?

In this globespanning project, Aurora and John seek to answer these questions, and more, about getting engaged and married in a modern world, and with each new experience, learn that they are only beginning to scratch the surface of this complex and time-honored tradition dating from the earliest years of our ancestors life on this planet. 


Do you have a story that you would like to share? Send us a message here or post on social media using the hashtag #TheEngagementProject. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Stay tuned to this page and our channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for the latest videos in this series. As we hear your stories and travel the world to learn from as many different people as we can, we will continue to post updates on what we learn. Make sure to tell us your story so that we can learn from you!

Traveling Dogs

In other news, two golden girls, both originally from the South but rescued in NYC, are having the adventure of a lifetime! We had planned to fly to Florida for work, however at 43 and 49 lbs our pups are too large to fit in a bag to fly, and so we rented a mini-van and drove all the way to South Florida! We put the seats down, and laid their beds on the floor so that they could stretch out and relax, and of course they had plenty of toys and treats to entertain them. Buuuut they pretty much slept the whole way there, because, well, at the end of the day they’re dogs, and dogs sleep a lot. They spent their first night in a cheap motel, somewhere in South Carolina where it was still chilly enough for them to put on their comfy bathrobes and settle in for the night. 

 Once we arrived in West Palm Beach, the first thing we did was look up a dog beach! The closest one to us is in Jupiter, and is located on Ocean Blvd, where it intersects with Marcinski rd. It was their first time, and they loved it! There were so many dogs at the beach just hanging out, digging, chasing balls and going for the occasional swim.

We tried to get our girls in the water, but I think the waves were still a bit too intimidating for them. Cleopatra tried to drink the water, and Audrey made friends with some nice old ladies who were sitting calmly in beach chairs. Over all it was a massive success, and we can’t wait to take them again!